IT Services manages the information technology infrastructure and provides hundreds of services and applications for use in academic, research, and business activities. Its solutions are reliable, secure, keep pace with technology advances, and enable high-quality client support services. They reduce the IT overhead needed within departments and help to meet its regulatory compliance, institutional policy, and risk management objectives. As part of the continual forward-thinking that is necessary to maintain and improve enterprise IT services within the budgetary framework of the company or organization.

Our Business Model
The time tested Datacenter Information Technology’s business model offers a number of compelling benefits to clients in terms of bottom-line cost saving, forecasting, accessibility, knowledge base building and improved corporate communications.

♦ Cost Effective.
♦ Reliable and Scalable solutions.
♦ Low Project Time.
♦ Experienced Technical Team.
♦ Innovative Management Approaches.
♦ Vast Reusable Component Resources.
♦ To offer value for money for businesses of all sizes.
♦ To ensure customer satisfaction from instruction to implementation.
♦ To ensure all solutions are of the height quality and branding with guarantees.
♦ Low cost but high-end quality systems.
♦ Installation, Networking and Cabling.
♦ Small, Medium and Enterprise network maintenance.
♦ System maintenance and servicing.
♦ Rapid on-site support.
♦ Telephone / Remote support.
♦ On-site contracts.
♦ Providing industry leading security solutions.

Flexibility is the key to our offerings, and intrinsic to this flexibility, is the spirit of Innovation that we bring to our products and services – from the very stage of design to implementation and customer support.

At Datacenter Information Technology, we have always prided ourselves on the vision, skills, expertise and professionalism of our team. Our team members make use of their keen Insight to foresee industry trends and meet demanding customer needs. And the working of their collective minds in a highly supportive environment ensures that our products and services retain a competitive edge at all times.

We look at the Core Value of Integrity as the very soul of our company. This is reflected in our finances, the trusted relationship that we share with our customers and business partners, and the faith reposed in us by our stakeholders.

Our Quality Policy
Datacenter Information Technology strives to provide service to its customers with emphasis on continuous improvement, pro-active approach, courtesy, timely response, and accuracy, with a goal of achieving total customer satisfaction.

Executive Management
Datacenter Information Technology brings together a team of technology and business visionaries who steer the organization towards its stated goal to provide solutions to customers to enable them to achieve excellence and sustainable competitive edge.

Datacenter Information Technology is a domain specialist and expert engineers ensure that every service delivers tangible benefits:

♦ Minimize capital expenditure
♦ Eliminate investment in fixed infrastructure
♦ Save on personal, training, and operating costs

♦ Redirect internal resources to focus on the core business and mission-critical projects
♦ Free the executive team from day-to-day process problems
♦ Shift focus from operations to strategic thinking, process, and innovation

Skills and Service
♦ Minimize the impact of rapid technological changes without changing infrastructure
♦ Ramp up and ramp down on a need basis
♦ Level out cyclical or seasonal fluctuations

Scalability and Adaptability
♦ Get access to specialized project management and consultation skills to provide high-quality services
♦ Eliminate peak staffing problems
♦ Improve speed and service availability

Business Service Management
♦ Accelerate time-to-market
♦ Increase efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions
♦ Reduce the overall management burden while controlling strategic decision making

Datacenter Information Technology has leveraged its domain expertise and application development assets across industries such as manufacturing, retail, telecom, healthcare, and life sciences to offer Framework Solutions—domain-focused solutions that shorten application customization and development time, and speed time to market.